Version 8.2, Build 8203

Engineering notes - Volunteer Management System - Version 8.2 Build 8203

New Features

  • [VMS-4777] - eC EULA
  • [VMS-4818] - Email Preference Feature
  • [VMS-5003] - Log book grid crashes in summary mode for Training/Waivers dates summarized by non volunteer name columns.
  • [VMS-5013] - eC, Volunteer Named searhes, clause for Birthday missing


  • [VMS-4294] - Security testing in release
  • [VMS-5153] - Performance testing in 8.2 build 8203 release


  • [VMS-3901] - Incorporate "Gender" field to AMS> Attributes
  • [VMS-4786] - eC> Professions tab: "Profession: Email Template Last Sent Date" column is not available in Grid Settings Available Columns list
  • [VMS-4842] - UnPlace/UnRefer volunteer before move to recycle bin
  • [VMS-4845] - eC>Vol Tab>Add past dates to Schedule Placements and Schedule Referrals
  • [VMS-4889] - Add today minus, and today plus to Calendar and Log Book date ranges
  • [VMS-4907] - SIS Stations get removed by clicking on 'Delete' button without Apply/Finish
  • [VMS-4925] - eC> Opp Profile: There should be Warning on 'Contact Info' tab to change the details when Organization of existing Opportunity is changed
  • [VMS-4929] - eC> Opportunities Tab: If organization is deleted then user can still create SS for that Opportunity
  • [VMS-4933] - New Opt-out Automation Trigger
  • [VMS-4939] - eC Menu to be static
  • [VMS-4940] - Default Automations
  • [VMS-4951] - Default changes in a repeating shift to "this day only" instead of "all dates"
  • [VMS-4966] - eC> Calendar: The "Start" date field is showing incorrect value in Slot pane for repetitive slots and shift spans
  • [VMS-5005] - RMS/eC> Email> Edit list: By default all buttons (DELETE, Move up and Move down) should be DISABLED, if no email type is selected
  • [VMS-5050] - eC>Organization: Even single Opp linked to single Org displays, option for org selection for multiple Opps
  • [VMS-5059] - Remove User ID from Password Reset Email across ALL instances
  • [VMS-5063] - Change behavior of changing grid columns with saved grid selected in grid.
  • [VMS-5074] - AMS, Admin Account, Users, strong password should be required
  • [VMS-5104] - Add Client control to Surveys
  • [VMS-5117] - Larger controls on Volunteer Profile Professions Tab
  • [VMS-5137] - Volunteer Profile Profession Tab Credential Fields should be left aligned
  • [VMS-5140] - Ability to Copy Logged Data Entries in Survey editor


  • [VMS-4931] - eC> Calendar: Calendar Resize & Side/Bottom Scroll Bar
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