NG Volunteer Portal (eRecruiter) Messages List

Below is a list of the messages in the AngularJS (NG) Volunteer Portal (or eRecruiter).

Error Messages

  • Report Service: Cannot report not placed error message
  • Report Service: Cannot report no survey error message
  • Login: Failure (all reasons) error message
  • Login: Too many attempts error message
  • Forms: Duplicate record error modal
  • Forms: Required fields error modal
  • Forms: Registration not placed message
  • Attachment: File too large error message
  • Attachment: Invalid format error message
  • Org Details: No details for this org message
  • Opp Search: Start and end time range required message
  • Sign-in Station: No Station Selected message
  • Sign-in Station: No Opportunities Selected message
  • Vol Opp/Slot Records: Please log in

Warning Messages

  • Opp/Slot Assignment: Requirements message
  • Opp/Slot Assignment: Referred only (unable to place) message
  • Opp/Slot Assignment: New Volunteer form message
  • Groups: No group association message
  • Groups: Invite openings message
  • Groups List: No group association message
  • Login: Update password required message
  • Upcoming Schedule: No shifts message
  • Placed Opp List: Reporting not enabled message
  • Placed Opp List: No Placements message
  • Placed Opp List: No Referrals message
  • Vol Opp/Slot Records: Calendar top message
  • Forms: Loading form message
  • Log Out: Session timeout warning message
  • Log Out: Logging out message
  • Opp Details: Opportunity is full message
  • Opp Details: X position(s) available message
  • Opp Details: Placed with Slots message
  • Opp Details: Placed with Opp message
  • Opp Details: Referred with Opp message
  • Opp Search: No description available message
  • Opp Search: Placed with Slots message
  • Opp Search: Placed with Opp message
  • Opp Search: Referred with Opp message
  • Opp Search: Refine search message
  • Opp Search: No results message
  • Slot List: No slots message
  • Org Manager: Opp Not Published {reason} message
  • Org Manager: Roster unavailable no slots message
  • Logbook: No history message
  • Logbook: End of history message
  • Sign-in Station: Admin login required message
  • Sign-in Station: Station not configured message
  • Sign-in Station: Guest Sign up Matching volunteer message

Success Messages

  • Opp/Slot Assignment: Placement success modal
  • Opp/Slot Assignment: Referral success modal
  • Groups: Reservation success modal
  • Forms: Registration success Message
  • Forms: Update/save success modal
  • Sign-in Station: Sign in success message
  • Sign-in Station: Sign out success message
  • DocuSign: Signing success message
  • Org Manager: Opp Published message
  • Org Manager: Opp updated success message
  • Login: Password reset link sent message
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