Version 8.3, Build 8301 - will not be supported upon 8304 release

Engineering notes - Volunteer Management System - Version 8.3 Build 8301

New Features

  • [VMS-5010] - Add volunteer fields to signin/signout pages
  • [VMS-5176] - "Date Stamp" as an available field in the AMS page config.
  • [VMS-5194] - Please add [OPPORTUNITY_ID] availble field controller to the "Schedule Shift" Page configs in AMS
  • [VMS-5247] - LLU: Separate Volunteer name with comma when appearing in a list
  • [VMS-5277] - eC: Add Recruiter URL as Merge field in OPP email
  • [VMS-5305] - Controller "SS_Note" added to ical after description
  • [VMS-5338] - Set AMS/New eC account to set by default to "Standalone" and NOT "Shared"


  • [VMS-4294] - Security testing in all releases
  • [VMS-4825] - 8.3 release: Exchange API UNIT tests creation


  • [VMS-3224] - Optimization: Add caching system to Referral/Placement engine
  • [VMS-3965] - Optimization: named searches interface
  • [VMS-4548] - Add volunteer ID, opportunity ID grid columns and profile fields
  • [VMS-4597] - Add "report should include only recipient's data" checkbox to bulk email screen
  • [VMS-4631] - Remember last opened tab of record's profile.
  • [VMS-4866] - Allow saving volunteer fields from sDs regardless if they are in RMS page config.
  • [VMS-4921] - eC, Automations, email is not sent when onsave automation triggered by BC status change
  • [VMS-5051] - When Opportunity is restored, user can create SS/referral/placement for that Opp but cannot create logbook entry
  • [VMS-5062] - Add "Open new record after copy" checkbox in copy modal for opps, vols, and other records
  • [VMS-5087] - Rename "Search" to "Filter"
  • [VMS-5113] - Find and replace functionality on Display Labels + add AMS/Display fields to AMS/display labels
  • [VMS-5115] - Expand FAF profiles to include all available tabs
  • [VMS-5141] - Move the Primary Profession check box into the Profession tab header
  • [VMS-5177] - add iCal in eC calendar email
  • [VMS-5183] - Add placement removal warning to shift editor
  • [VMS-5195] - Remove "Max group volunteers" from Opportunity profile
  • [VMS-5207] - Do not allow the same login to be used by both Exchange and a human user
  • [VMS-5224] - Legacy eR> Forgot Password / UID
  • [VMS-5225] - Add apply to this day only confirmation dialog to slot pane page in eC Calendar
  • [VMS-5282] - eC> Opportunity Profile> Surveys: Without selecting any survey (Edit/Delete/Move Up/Move Down) buttons are enabled
  • [VMS-5388] - eR users shall NOT be allowed to opt-out of System Message type emails
  • [VMS-5390] - Add: RMS> Page Config> Volunteer Basic> Remove From System Confirmation page


  • [VMS-3985] - 8.3 release: Compare newly created databases
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