Version 8.3, Build 8302

Engineering notes - Volunteer Management System - Version 8.3 Build 8302

New Features

  • [VMS-5250] - Calendar: Ability to limit features in the calendar by role
  • [VMS-5338] - Set AMS/New eC account to set by default to "Standalone" and NOT "Shared"


  • [VMS-5177] - add iCal in eC calendar email
  • [VMS-5210] - eCoordinator and AMS User Prevent Password Reuse Feature
  • [VMS-5211] - Volunteer Prevent Password Reuse Feature
  • [VMS-5212] - Disable logins that have been inactive for a specified number of days
  • [VMS-5224] - Legacy eR> Forgot Password / UID
  • [VMS-5226] - Strong password conditions> allow AMS user to define character length value
  • [VMS-5388] - eR users shall NOT be allowed to opt-out of System Message type emails
  • [VMS-5389] - Email Notification Toast Notification text string shall be editable in RMS
  • [VMS-5390] - Add: RMS> Page Config> Volunteer Basic> Remove From System Confirmation page
  • [VMS-5399] - Message on Automation tab
  • [VMS-5432] - Add ID field as mail merge field in LBE email system
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