Email Preferences Feature

The Email Preferences Feature allows volunteers to select which type of emails they prefer or to opt out entirely. This feature was designed to address concerns about the CAN-SPAM Act.

This is an optional feature that can be turned on by request. Additional configuration is required.      

The settings are found by from the Volunteer tab by clicking on the Email button.

There are a few settings to consider first.

The first step is to identify the Types of emails that you send.
Here's a sample:

The Type "System message" will be the default. Volunteers are not allowed to opt out of--such as a "forgot password" email or emergency communications.

A list of sample Types will be added to the system. These can all be edited from the email system with the exception of the "System message"



Each email will be assigned a Footer where volunteers will be able to click on a link that goes to a page where they will set their preferences.


To enable the footer, go to AMS > Functional Features > Email > move EMAIL_FOOTER_SECTION to Selected List.


This page will contain the Email Type Values set up in the email system. The page will look something like this: 


Volunteer will also have the option of Removing themselves from the entire system. This feature requires additional configuration. Please contact for help with these settings. 




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