Sign in Station Enhancements

The Sign in Stations have changed. This will require all users to use new links to their stations. (See below to set up these links).

These enhancements include the ability to allow volunteers to use their email address to sign in (rather than their username and password). In addition, the "Open Roster" mode allows volunteers to sign in next to their name by the click of a button. (This mode requires the use of schedule shifts on the calendar). 

In addition, new links to the Sign in Station are generated from eCoordinator. 

To configure the Sign In station, go to Administrative Options and select Sign-In.

  • A URL can be added for a logo to display on all of the stations.
  • Existing Stations will appear and a URL can be generated by selecting the station of choice


To configure the individual station, select the station and go to:

  • "General" to edit the station name and supervisor information
  • "Sign In" to edit method of station and other settings*
  • "Messaging" to control how long the message displays before and after sign in


*Additional settings:

  • Open Roster mode is only available for Opportunities with Shifts scheduled on the Calendar.
  • Early and late sign in can be adjusted relative to the time of those shifts.
  • "Maximum/Automatic time..." can be set up to automatically sign out users once their time has reached that limit.
  • Allowing other sign in methods will enable a link on the station that allows coordinators to adjust the sign in method on site. So if the station is set up for Open Roster, then users can switch to email if they are not on the roster but placed in the opportunity.
  • Automatically set sign in and out time is a setting based on the start and end time of the shift.

Please contact for additional information or to set up a training time.

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