Version 8.3, Build 8303

Engineering notes - Volunteer Management System - Version 8.3 Build 8303

New Features

  • [VMS-4569] - Preview of Attachments from all Grids
  • [VMS-5436] - Sign stations adjustments
  • [VMS-5464] - RMS options: please add coordinator email / AMS Administrative Options: please add coordinator email
  • [VMS-5492] - eC: Calendar: make fields Vol: Placement Group Name and Group Size available in calendar pane
  • [VMS-5519] - Session Fixation Attack Protection
  • [VMS-5568] - eCoordinator Forgot Password Takes User to Org Login Page
  • [VMS-5570] - Store Debug Trace Information Only On Servers.
  • [VMS-5583] - eC > Schedule > Reports > Opp Shift Placement Report - Add option to "Show Empty Schedule Slots"


  • [VMS-2015] - Add latest functionality to the Exchange API
  • [VMS-5086] - Consolidate "Share" and "Unshare" buttons
  • [VMS-5193] - Enforce minimum age of volunteers in eRec from: eC>Opp Profile>Additonal Information (aka Logistics) tab
  • [VMS-5222] - search volunteer account by vol user id
  • [VMS-5239] - Update Delete functionality in eC Calendar
  • [VMS-5295] - eC> Calendar> Schedule Slot Profile: While editing MultiDay-Repeat slots, all slots are updated when "Interval" is changed from "Yearly" to "Daily" with "This Day Only" option
  • [VMS-5439] - Allow AMS users to enable/disable and reorder SIS Profile tabs
  • [VMS-5457] - RMS: email: "Vol Self Places into Shift" option does not have "End Date"; and "End Time" only captures time ending in first day (ie 12:00 a.m.)
  • [VMS-5474] - Email Screen Button Placement
  • [VMS-5481] - Set Opp Expiration Date to default to NULL
  • [VMS-5482] - Sign-In change "All Opportunities" option behavior.
  • [VMS-5487] - Expand on Email Reporting to allow the volunteer grid to display last email status, and email ID
  • [VMS-5490] - Disable popup for updating saved grid when grid column is resized
  • [VMS-5497] - Increase Attachment File Size to at least 5 MB
  • [VMS-5499] - Strip script tags from OPP_DESCRIPTION and any other Long Text UDF or field that uses tinyMCE
  • [VMS-5503] - Update wysiwyg plugin tinyMCE
  • [VMS-5514] - eC>OPP Details page and calendar, shift pane
  • [VMS-5517] - eCoordinator reset password: replace password text by URL in eC reset password email
  • [VMS-5522] - Prevent Volunteer & Client Attachments from being viewed when not logged in
  • [VMS-5527] - Email Prefs> Update default footer text
  • [VMS-5543] - Reset Password, Remind User ID confirmation message has incorrect language
  • [VMS-5549] - AMS/User filters/Sponsoring organization empty possible values.
  • [VMS-5577] - Add opportunity and organization fields to the opportunity shift placements report
  • [VMS-5582] - Apply AMS/Date and time formats to RMS/Emails merge fields.
  • [VMS-5596] - Update "Remind me my Password" label
  • [VMS-5602] - RMS>Emails: Sender's Name/Organization
  • [VMS-5603] - eC > "Contact Info" tab > Please make "Address 1" and "City" not required by default
  • [VMS-5605] - AMS> Auth Fields: 'EDIT' and 'DELETE' buttons are enabled even when no fields are selected
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