User Name Reminder and Password Reset


For security reasons, we have enhanced the Reset Password feature to include additional safety questions. Users must provide their Zip or Postal Code, Date of Birth and exact email address in order to reset their password. They can also be reminded of their user name at the same time. 

When clicking on the "Forgot Password" link, volunteers will be directed to a page where they are asked some security questions:

These answers must be exact. For example, if the database has "Sam" and the volunteer enters, "Samuel" then it will not be recognized. We recommend adding a phone number for volunteers to call if they experience any trouble.

Once they have completed the first step, then they are asked to verify the email address of record.  Then they are emailed a link to reset their password at the same time they are reminded of their User ID.

The link expires 30 minutes from the time the email is sent. When they follow the link, then they can enter the new password.



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