eLearning Module Creation Criteria

Samaritan is able to create and integrate your orientations, trainings, and courses with our in-house eLearning Module integration. 

What is a Module?

Modules or courses are training materials developed to address consistent needs throughout your volunteer management program that require the content to be delivered either by a human or self-guided through electronic means. Course / module material can be hard to develop and systematize. Samaritan's Client Success and Account Management teams are highly skilled in assessing your needs to determine the best way to deliver your training. 

Do I need a Samaritan-hosted and managed eLearning Module?

When deciding whether you need an eLearning Module, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do I have training that is required of all my volunteers?

2. Does my training have to be delivered via a human interaction or can I deliver it as a self-guided course with results?

3. Who do I send the outcomes of my trainings to? Would a quick report suffice for relaying completion of a course of do I need to give a more specific outcome?

If you answered "Yes" to these questions, you most likely would benefit from Samaritan working with you to create and host a simply eLearning Module for your volunteer program.

What type of trainings and content can Samaritan create with you?

Content we've created and integrated include:
- Orientation and Program Introductions
- Specialized Topic Training such as; How To's, Remediation, Annual Training Reviews, Policy Changes, etc.
- Security & Compliance Training and more!

Samaritan's eLearning Module Creation Criteria
In order to fully asses your needs, Samaritan's team will work with you to document your current training needs, find ways to condense these needs to be more efficient and draft a customized scope of work so both parties know exactly the tasks and goals for your training creation. Team members will ask you a series of questions to ascertain the best approach for your organization and the audience who will receive the training.

Pricing varies per course / module creation as each can contain different needs for delivery and consumption. The Samaritan Staff working with you can show you examples of Slide Types, Animation, Quizzes and Videos.

Please consider the follow criteria when requesting a quote for an eLearning Module
(fill in all fields that apply):

Duration (please fill in for each course being considered)

How many courses or trainings do you have? ____ 
How many total slides will there be per training? ____
How many total minutes does it takes to complete each course/training? ____ 

Types of Slides (check all that apply)

___ Basic text and images - no animation

___ Basic: text, images, and slide

___ Interactive slide(s)

___ Basic slide with video

___ Basic slide with audio



Are questions scored?  Yes / No / Not sure

Are modules/quizzes graded? Yes / No / Not sure

If so, how? (check all that apply)

___ Pass/fail 

___ Score by answer

___ Score by module

___ Cumulative score

Videos & Video Settings

___ Embedded in slide

___ Embedded in interaction

____# of videos

____ Show elapsed time per video

____ Hide buttons to prevent skipping video

____Voice-over work needed? (***Samaritan currently does not offer this in-house but can bid out 3rd party services for this need. Please ask for an additional bid.)


What are my next steps?

Once you've had a chance to document your proposed needs, your next step is to send your information to your Samaritan Staff Member for bid. They will probably host a call with you to discuss your needs to ensure they bid your request accurately. Keep in mind, there will be an annual hosting via (of nominal amount) to maintain the usability of your eLearning Module. Once your bid is created and accepted, you Samaritan Staff Member will schedule your course creation and hosting with the appropriate internal resources. 



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