Sign in Station trouble shooting

There are a lot of factors, as you know! I think you already know about the URL issue. The entire addressed must be saved to bookmark or create an icon.

But if the station does appear correctly, here's a brief trouble-shooting guide that user's on site can check: 

1. The volunteer has to be placed with an opportunity 
2. That Opportunity has to have the sign in station attached
3. The opportunity cannot be expired

These are the basics. 

If all these conditions are met and they still cannot sign in, all we need is:
1. the name of the sign in station
2. the name of the volunteer trying to sign in
3. the opportunity
4. any error messages

There are a couple other items to consider:

Volunteers may be signed out automatically after a certain period of time set on the opportunity
(For example, this opportunity is set to sign people out after 4 hours)

If this is not set, and volunteers forget to sign out, they should be prompted the next time to do so.

I have created a grid called:  *check my sign in
and shared it with everyone. Feel free to delete it if you don't want it but it may help show the status of a volunteer:

This can help with troubleshooting too.

Finally, the length of the display after signing in may be adding confusion.

For example: 
Sign In Station: Troy - Main Desk
Confirmation Display on sign in and out is set to 30 seconds. If you click away before the 30 seconds is up, the system may not save. I would recommend changing this to 5 or 10 seconds.

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