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Will a "Sign In Station" work on a tablet and or a mobile device?

Todd McMullin

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Simple Answer: Yes, we have configured the "Sign In Station" to be response to tablets and mobile devices using Android, Apple, or Windows operating systems/browsers.

Techie Answer: Yes, the Front End Web Developer applied Bootstrap 3.0 to the "Sign In Station" as of May 6, 2014 so all "Sign In Stations" after that date will be auto-magically responsive to the browser size. We have tested it on an iPad 2, iPhone, and several Android devices. Frankly, the "Sign In Station" has always worked on any of these devices since all this technology is browser based.

NOTE: Whichever device MUST have Internet access and be connected to work.

Keith Leonard

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In this case what NYC is really after is the ability for new group members to record hours via tablets at a large event. Our stations require pre-setup and therefore won't work. I talked with Bruce about this yesterday and concluded that we should provide a link to a login screen for eR followed immediately by the designated survey for whatever event. Apparently we have the ability to bypass the volunteer menu and did so for BFAS in a similar situation. That's what I've conveyed to the customer. Thanks for your review of this requirement!

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