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When are support hours billable?

Clients often worry about using all of their support hours too soon. They want to make sure that they are making the best use of the resource.

Satina Smith

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The simple answer is: it depends...

Does the issue turn out to be a bug that requires the developer to re-write some of the software code? If so: Not Billable.

Is this a simple question about how to do something? Billable, but usually only a few minutes.

Request for edits or updates to the website: Billable

Here's the break down for what uses support hours: anything new or requires training are billable.

Anything that is a bug or Samaritan error is NOT billable.

Sometimes we get into grey area and have to do some research or have a discussion, then we evaluate what is and is not billiable.
So, for example, when the subject of a demo on groups (with Ken) came up, any time I spent in conversation, updating the ticket, research etc was recorded. Ultimately, since you decided that was not going to work for you, all of that became "unbillable" except for the time Ken spent doing the demo-that would be about 1 hour of his time. We aim to be fair and we also have to compensate people for their time. If you ever have a questions, don't hesitate to ask. we can pull an audit of your support hours at any time. I always try to tell people when it's over about 30 minutes so that they are not surprised.

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