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How to send mass email without showing any email addresses (BCC)

From a volunteer coordinator at a Parks organization:

When e-mailing volunteers through the database, is there a way to put all
of their e-mail addresses in the “bcc” section rather than the “to”
section? I’ve had people start to complain that everyone can see their
e-mail address and they said that’s how scammers obtain e-mails. I’m
interested in doing this as a default from here on out.

Satina Smith

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You can add email addresses to the BCC field as a merge field.

  1. From Vol TAB, pull the Vol data grid to whom you would like to email.
  2. Go to Email function and type your "return" address in the recipient field. This will override the option of sending to email addresses in the grid
  3. Move your cursor to the BCC field
  4. in Volunteer Mail Merge fields, select "Email Address" then Insert in BCC field.
  5. This will send your email to all the email addresses in the grid, but none will show.
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Make the email and afterward begin to include the email delivers you need to send it to in the BCC. The BCC represents Blind Carbon Copy. That implies nobody can see who the email is going to.

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