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Problems with the Turn Coordinator bubble?


Being a fixed wing pilot I'm rather familiar with the turn coordinator. Most of the time having the little black marble centered in the curved fluid-filled tube is exactly what you want (some say all of the time).However with the Ka-50 while I can contort the pedals to align the ball it seems to really upset the aircraft. In straight-n-level cruise flight I trim and notice that the ball is off to one side so I input pedal and straighten up again and trim that. So I have the instruments showing happiness but the whirlybird just doesn't look right, we're skidding all over the terrain in this weird cross control situation. It also takes a lot of pedal input to make the ball line up which doesn't make sense at 200 kmph with a windvane body.Is the instrument nuts or am I?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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