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Strive for Progress instead of Success

Most people have a variety of goals we tend to achieve, though we haven’t developed the goal in our mind. We would want to change an old habit, be successful at work and achieve higher grades at school/college/universities.

Set your goals

Sometimes these goals will be ambiguous in their scope without an outlined path toward the goal, a kind of general sense of eager to be healthier, lowers our pressure level, manage our stress, get successful at work or at any kind of sport, to be a much better friend, spouse, parent, employer, employee, athlete, student, person etc.

I remember a few years back a friend use to try to please everyone around. She did. she had an incredible job, amazing friends, higher education. I can recall how everyone was so proud of her. But deep within she used to feel that there’s something still missing. And you know what that was because she wanted everything to be perfect. Hence, she never enjoyed what she had. Now she does’t have the same life as before, due to some reasons she had to switch the job, leave her friends, and move to another city. But now she’s contented and happy because she has started to make progress and knows the value of little things.

The reason for telling you her story is that when she used to be a perfectionist she never enjoyed the best times of my life but as she’s started to work on the smaller goals smaller progress she’s more happier than she was ever before. This doesn’t mean that one should lower the standards; Do aim high, do set your standards high; keep your goals high but achievable. Do work on achieving what you aim for but make sure it to be flexible as well. If it doesn’t happen like exactly what you wanted, that’s okay. Let it go.

Make realistic goals

Always remember to make your goals realistic and achievable, sometimes we find our goal so overwhelming that we cannot take a single step towards it because we think we will fail. Never let the fear of failure stop you. You can always keep your goal flexible and never think about what others will think of you. You are unique you are perfect and you are trying according to your resources and limitations. For instance, if you want to get yourself in shape and lose weight. What do you need to do? Can you directly start lifting weights and go to the gym and achieve your goal?

That’s not possible, right? You need to analyze what you are doing wrong, you need to change your diet, start exercising, start walking, then go to the gym and train yourself. So you need to prioritize your steps and take one step at a time. This way you will be able to stay healthy and gradually lose weight. The same thing goes with “success“. You need to start from the beginning set your priorities and take a small step, slowly and gradually you will achieve what you want to achieve.

Ask for help when needed

Many students are worried about their assignments often ask professionals to work for them, they need to understand that instead, they can ask for quality coursework assistance and at least try to work by themselves. We need to tell them that we all are humans and we all make mistakes. We can learn from our mistakes, correct them and do it all over again. Our mistakes make us unique from others.

You can always learn from your failures and try to improve more and more every day. Don’t rush take small baby steps towards your goal and achieve them one at a time. Little by little you will get there, go beyond your limitations to achieve what you want, motivate yourself and others as well. Your positive attitude will help you all the way long.

There was a time, I was struggling to get successful at work, to get noticed through my work and get appreciated. I was so frustrated at that time like thought to leave the job many times. But I had a friend who always motivated me and asked me to relax and keep my attitude positive towards my work and start reframing everything since the beginning and I started working on my weak points, I started to focus more on the tasks and every other thing, and my first step was that I asked my Boss that what does he expects from me? What changes do I need to make within myself if I want to achieve this in my life? And trust me it did wonders for me. That was the best first step after working for three years in that organization I took for myself. And then I started working on the deadlines that I set for myself with the help of my boss and that one friend. And When I was leaving the organization after two years, the co-workers, the bosses, and the clients' no one wanted me to leave. And that was my achievement.

That one positive attitude towards my situation, that one positive word from my friend changed my life in a way that I feel proud of myself every day that I achieved what I wanted to. And now when I’m can’t do it anymore, I reframed everything again and set a new goal for myself and I’m currently working on it and trust me I know and I believe that one day I will do it gradually and slowly but I will.

The purpose of telling you my story is to make you realize the importance of positivity in your life, if we will focus on getting perfect results and perfect timings, we will make ourselves miserable and sad and this way life would be more difficult than it is. One should always strive to progress instead of success and one day you will feel proud of yourself that you’ve come this close or maybe achieved your goal already.

Garret Jacob

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