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Using Technology as a Learning Tool

Technology is a tool that helps to solve problems and do something new. It helps you to play, work and learn different skills anywhere, anytime, at any pace to let you learn comfortably. It also lets you organize, transfer and gather information. In today’s world technology is everywhere, Intertwined with almost every part of our society.

Now when students are using technology as a learning tool for communicating with others, they are actively making choices about how to create, obtain, operate, or show information. The use of technology allows many students to enthusiastically think about information, making choices, learning and executing skills than is usual in teacher instructed lessons. Moreover, when technology is used to support students in performing genuine tasks, the students can define their goals, make their decisions, and evaluate their progress.

The technology has to a great extent prolonged the right to education for many students. A few years back, books were uncommon and only the privileged few students had access to educational opportunities. Individuals used to travel so long to the centres of learning to receive an education. But now, the colossal amount of information is available at a person’s fingertips with the help of the internet. Traditional classrooms have been comparatively inaccessible for some students, and group effort has been limited in the same classroom or building. But today, technology has enabled forms of communication and collaboration that we have never dreamt of in the past.

Although technology is a very helpful tool to support education and transform it in many ways and enables new ways for different students and teachers to learn and work together for their betterment and uplift each other with the help of worldwide excess of the internet. On the other hand, many students try to avoid doing their home works and assignments by themselves. Many of them ask others can you write my assignment online UK, instead of asking for help and writing it themselves, this behavior is somehow a very negative point and cannot be ignored.

How does technology impact education?

Here are some points in which technology is positively impacting education.

Active learning with interactive material

Technology is interactive, and students have many platforms to learn by doing things themselves, they can research, submit their materials and get their feedback as well. This process of learning helps students to become passionate about what they want to learn.

Connection with the real-world issues

This process of learning encourages students to learn from real-life experiences in the classroom through the use of the internet. Students are allowed to do research and learn through the connection to real work and situations that are connected to their curriculum. Students are somehow trained to connect their learning to real-life problems and solve them accordingly.

Recreating models for better understanding

Technology helps to recreate real classroom activities through simulation that was next to impossible in the days back. Nowadays, students can see the processes with the help of the internet and learn from them. E.g. by using some simulation tool students can see the formation of clouds, tornado and even how a baby is made in the mother’s womb. These tools let students discover dynamic characteristics through models. And helps them understand better.

Let students learn from outsourcing material

The Internet let students learn and research about their curriculum topics through the outsourcing material that helps develop student’s researching skill and lets them think out of the box. It also improves student’s critical thinking and enhances their ability to learn and remember.

Better learning through discussion forums

There are many forums created with the help of the internet to guide and discuss their problems and solutions with each other. Students can share information with each other as well as their progress. They can take help from students and teachers all over the world and can also get feedback as well. Listening and reading others' opinions helps students refining their thinking and reach higher levels of knowledge and deep understanding.

Online Coaching

Teachers always play a vital role in students’ life. They are more than an instructor who is delivering a lesson. Rather, they are always there to guide and support each student just as a coach does. Teachers provide feedback and coaching to the student and enhance knowledge online as well in the class. Teachers are the guide for students who helps them in developing problem-solving skills, research, and decision-making.

Decisive assessment

Teachers are there to ensure that are the students learning concepts along with the use of technology? The activity that includes technology mostly requires critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Teachers are also a facilitator, who provides constant feedback to the students, provide them with a deeper understanding of knowledge, asses and guide them according to the requirements and need.

Game-based learning

Technology within the classroom will add a bit of fun in learning. Usually, students use technology outside the class in their leisure time. This process helps the teacher to deliver the lesson through interactive games.

Help the students to get ready for the corporate world

In today’s world students need to have more than a working knowledge of certain technological tools. By combining these technologies into the regular set of courses, institutions can ensure to prepare their students for their practical life and help them adjust to the modern workplace.

Teaching is all about enabling the connection between the students and the concepts that they don’t know about, and those will help them grow and learn throughout their lives. Technology in the classroom will help to enhance the teaching quality as well as students’ learning. They will be more likely to be excited and engaged during class activities. Many of us take technology as a threat to responsibilities but a technology used properly will help to learn and explore the areas of concepts that we never realized even exists.


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