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Culture and Conflict

The role of culture in the interpersonal relationships, conflict formation and resolution, in particular, is crucial. Prominent specialists in sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, and related disciplines devoted much time to investigations of how exactly cultural background of an individual shapes one’s mentality, world vision, and approach to building relations with others. Professor Michele LeBaron dedicated decades of her research activity to the studies of cross-cultural conflict resolution. In her article Culture and Conflict Michele LeBaron discusses the role of culture in the conflict and conflict resolution. She argues that cultural fluency is the key factor, which assists an individual in solving conflicts and simply in having better life. In the following paper, critical and personal response to LeBaron’s article will be offered.

First, critically evaluating the reading under consideration, it is important to note that LeBaron’s article examines connection between conflict and culture. It shows how cultural fluency applies to naming, framing, and taming conflicts. The primary purpose of this article seems to inform the readers about importance of studying culture for conflict resolution. Significance of this article is in exploring the scope of cultural impact on shaping perceptions, judgments, and people’s ideas of themselves and others. Another important point of the key argument of this article is showing that culture influences people’s minds unconsciously, which makes it more difficult for them to understand the role of their cultural identity in building relations with others.

Next, an important feature of LeBaron’s article is its detailed approach to providing definitions to important notions addressed in it. For instance, the article explains culture as a complicated notion, which is far beyond any language, customs, traditions, and dressing preferences. To establish the actual boundaries of such broad notion as culture, LeBaron makes the following comment, cultural groups may share race, ethnicity, or nationality, but they also arise from cleavages of generation, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, ability and disability, political and religious affiliation, language, and gender – to name only a few. Thus, culture is a shared world vision of people of the same age or gender.

Further, in the personal response section of this paper, it is important to discuss significance of this article for deeper understanding of the very notion of conflict as well as the main causes of conflict. Today, society is experiencing significant changes under effects of globalization, which means that more cultural contradictions arise to establish solid grounds for conflict between people with different cultural backgrounds. I am not an exception since almost each day I find myself a victim of negative emotions (and not only), caused by conflicts. For instance, I had bitter conflicts in the family with a beloved person and sometimes with my fellow students. For that reason I found it beneficial for me and my future career to deepen my knowledge on the conflict resolution and the role of cultural fluency in it. The practical piece of advice I have obtained from this article is yet another emphasis on becoming artful in communication because communication is the key for understanding people from other cultural backgrounds, no matter if it is gender, age, or ethnic culture.

In conclusion, the article under consideration provides a solid argument on the importance of cultural fluency for conflict resolution. Analyzing information from this article, I came to a better understanding of conflicts in my own life, including conflicts in my family, conflicts with my beloved person, and my fellow students. I am sure that implementation of a piece of advice from this article on the conflict resolution will help me build a successful career and have happier personal life.

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