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QuickBooks Company File Cannot be Opened - Solution

If you are trying to open your QuickBooks Company File, and all your efforts are failed. Then this blog is for you.

We know the feeling when the software doesn’t open when you have to do your work. Because every organization or company file is the basic or fundamental block and it holds the business important data. And for more information contact to QuickBooks Support Team 

But now, you don’t have to worry, because we have a full-working solution for you.

  1. Firstly, you have to make sure about the version of QuickBooks which you are using that should be the latest version in the market.
  2. Any difference could lead to uncertainty. For that, you have to open the file you use of the same version which was used last- time around.  
  3. Open the file directly through the QuickBooks, instead of using alternate routes.
  4. Make sure you are holding down the “Alt” key when you are going to open the file using QuickBooks, as that would preserve any reports or other QuickBooks Windows from opening.
  5. Rather than directly going for broke, try to open a sample file first.
  6. Move the company file to another location, if possible. And then try to open it. Sometimes, it will open up right away, by luck.
  7. Surely, you also want to go through all the properties of the company file and look for any distortions issues with respect to integration, compatibility or file format.
  8. Try to rename the company file, if it is still not working. The odds are pretty less when it comes to this, but still, give it a try. 
  9. Try to open the company file, after moving it to a new location.
  10. Then rename the “.tlg” file.
  11. After that, turn to multi-user hosting.
  12. And, at last, edit the file extension of the company file.

If the steps mentioned above are failed to satisfy your query, then try to move your company to another different computer altogether. Follow these steps, once you did the transferring to another computer and open the desired file. If the file is opened successfully on this computer, that means there is the default in the first computer, either with regards to the compatibility of QuickBooks or the system itself.

Follow these few steps until you get the solutions to your problem.

  • If required then update your QuickBooks.
  • Run “Reboot.bat”.
  • Do a clean installation process of QuickBooks i.e. start from scratch.
  • From the QuickBooks installation window, choose the option “Repair”.

After all, this done, if your file is still not open, then most probably your company file is damaged or corrupted.

And if you want to take our help then you can easily talk to us through the QuickBooks Support Phone Number provided on the official website.

Prachi Tiwari

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