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Wikipedia is the Best Marketing Tool on the Internet for Personal Branding and Business

Every time we come across the name of a brand, it rings a bell in our head. It is regarding how we feel about that brand. Humans are perceptive creatures and we form ideas about everything around us. Brands like Rolex and Louis Vuitton signify sophistication, Red Bull and Nike signify excitement, while Tesla and Google signify competence and innovation.

Every brand has a certain kind of impression in our mind. Some of us might think that it is an organic or personal thing, but it’s not. This is a consciously constructed idea that is implanted in our minds. How do brands do that? Through some ingenious marketing tactics. Wikipedia writers can help you market your personal brand on Wikipedia’s online platform.

No brand finds success just through the quality of its product and services. We wish the life was that simple but it is not. The name of a brand sells it, or to be more precise, the perception behind the brand name helps in selling the brand. Marketing is an extremely important key for achieving success with your personal brand.
In today’s age of digital innovation, personal branding is being practiced at a wide spread scale. An online platform that can provide you great help with personal branding is Wikipedia. On Google, when you type name of a famous person, country, animal or whatever, the first link is always Wikipedia.
Wikipedia is one of the most famous online platforms in the world. According to some reports it is the second most visited website of 2020 after Google. This is a groundbreaking achievement for a brand which is basically a reading platform. According to various estimates more than 480 million users visit Wikipedia each month to get information on diverse range of subjects. Whether it is students, teachers, researchers, business people, marketers or some guy randomly browsing on the internet, Wikipedia is the go-to platform for everyone.

Alexa rankings claim that Wikipedia is the 5th most visited US based site in the world and 13th most visited site overall. The website has staggering amount of articles which are free to read for anyone. In contrast to majority of other encyclopedia sites, Wikipedia is a collaborative platform. This means that Wikipedia is not hiring content writers to write for them. Instead, volunteers from across the world write the articles for the platform. This makes it one of a kind service that is extremely collaborative and has an ever growing resource of articles to access.

Here are some reasons why Wikipedia is the best marketing tool for personal branding on the internet:



It’s free:

Wikipedia is a non-profit encyclopedia website. The fact that Wikipedia provides its readers with tons of content for free to access is remarkable and revolutionary in many ways. A person who is looking to provide his/her brand a marketing push can get their article published on Wikipedia for free. Yes. You can get your work published on Wikipedia for free.

This is an extremely beneficial aspect of using Wikipedia that anyone from any part of the world could get their article published without paying a dime to this online platform. Therefore getting your personal brand marketed on Wikipedia comes with no risk. You just have to invest some time in making the article eligible for Wikipedia while there is no money investment. No money investment means that there cannot be a financial loss in trying to market your personal brand on Wikipedia.

You can create your own article:

You can create your own article write about your life and work, and post it on Wikipedia. The process is simple and efficient. The person has to register on their online platform, after which you can work on your article and its edit. Once you think that your article is ready for publishing, you submit it. The article goes for a review, where Wikipedia’s team checks if it is good enough to be published. Once you pass the test, the article gets published.

Wikipedia is an extremely fast and efficient service. Every 1.8 second, there is an edit made on its website. These edits are performed by their volunteers from across the globe. Right now, there are somewhere around 6.1 million articles on its website while 600 articles are published each month. The platform has provided major advantage for budding marketers by providing this option to them.

It adds credibility:

Wikipedia is the first search result on Google for literally anything famous. This says a lot about this brand’s credibility and reputation. The information provided by Wikipedia is considered to be extremely credible by the readers. It is the go-to information gathering site for majority of people online. The brand name Wikipedia being linked to any article provides it with the stamp of credibility for the general audience.

The brand image of Wikipedia is very positive and that can help your personal brand substantially. Everyone and everything that is famous and important, has a Wikipedia article attached to its name. By getting your personal brand marketed on Wikipedia provides it an instant boost in credibility.

Credibility is extremely important for marketing. As we mentioned in the start of the article, brand impression and image is the key towards the success of that brand. You brand image will decide if people invest their time and money on it or not. No one wants to invest their on a brand’s services that has a negative image. No other brand on the internet can better help you in uplifting the image of your personal brand more than Wikipedia.

It is well optimized:

As we have mentioned above, Wikipedia is generally the first link that shows up on Google search when you type anything substantially popular. Wikipedia is arguably the most well optimized site on Google, so much so, that it feels like an extension of Google’s services. Whether you are looking for information regarding your favorite movie star, some historical figure, a car or even on some endangered species of animal, you will find an article on it on Wikipedia.

For marketing on the internet, search engine optimization is a significant need. Your personal brand needs to be optimized very well. If a person types anything with even tiny bit of relevance to your brand, than the brand should appear in the search results instantly. Getting your personal brand marketed on Wikipedia provides in the instant push that is required for optimization and better marketing.

Wikipedia writers that work for various online services on the internet can help you in following the right process. Writing and getting published on Wikipedia is not easy because Wikipedia is not like Word Press or some other open blog platform. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia site that is highly critical and cautious about the quality of work that is available on its platform. Therefore getting the services of a quality Wikipedia writing service can truly help in getting your article published on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is the best marketing tool on the internet for personal branding because it’s free, reputed, popular, and credible.

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