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How to SetUp Company Information in QuickBooks Online?

Whatever, you filled in the company section will affect the contact information that appears on the invoices, sales receipts, and estimates that you send to your customer. That’s why it is essential to complete company information. You will likely face the issues if you don’t complete Company Set Up. Like, in the company settings if you did not set up your contact information then if you send invoices to users by whom you would expect to mail you a check, then your invoice will not include your mailing address and your customers will not know where to mail payments to. This will result as a cash flow issue and delay payment for you. So, in this Blog we’re gonna study about How to Set Up Company Information in QuickBooks. And you can also assistance from QuickBooks Help Page.

Collect your Information in QuickBooks Setup Checklist

In QuickBooks Online, before we start setting up a new company. You will be required to have some general company information handy. And you will have to answer some few questions and that will provide you help to customize QuickBooks for your specific business needs.

But, if you don’t know the answer to, then no issue. You can also come back sometimes later and complete your information because, while it creates the setup process quickly if you have this information handy. At least, attempt to complete the information field if possible.

How you can Set Up Company Information in QuickBooks Online?

Here are some instruction given below for how to set up Company Information:

  • Firstly, sign-in into your QuickBooks Online Account.
  • Click on the Gear icon which appears on the left of your company name, after signing in.
  • Then select Account and Settings right below your company menu on the left.
  • After that, you will see the six tabs in Accounts and Settings.
  • Your screen should take after the one for the company when you are done editing the fields.

There are fields mentioned down, which you are required to complete. For company information:


  • Company Name or Legal Name


If the Company name and legal name are the same then this would take a few seconds and if not then, make sure to note the difference.

Then Upload your company logo that you want to be shown on your invoices, states receipts, estimates, and purchase orders.

Then you should fill your Employer Identification Number(federal tax ID number), this is a 9-digit number issued by IRS. and, if you didn’t apply for a tax ID, then the business owner’s Social Security number is acceptable.


  • Type of Company


Select your legal business structure from the drop-down-down list in the tax form field:

  • Sole proprietor.
  • Partnership
  • S Corp
  • Non profit
  • LLC

You can also manually enter the industry, if your business doesn’t fit into one of the options.


  • Contact Information


Fill out the general contact information for your business, such as


  • Company email address - you should set up a different customer-facing email address. So that, your customer emails do not get lost in your inbox.
  • Customer-facing email (if your company email is different then fill it) - the email address will show on whatever you send out to your customers. By this email, customers can contact you.
  • Company Phone Number - The phone number will also show on whatever you send out to your customers. With the help of this phone number, the customers will contact you.
  • Website - you can also skip this blank, if you don’t have any website. And update it when you will have any website in future
  • Address 


In this also you should have a different customer-facing physical address because, there are some reason for that

  • When you do not want to share your home-based business address with customers.
  • If you find some problem regarding mail tampering, you must want to take bank statements, customer payment and other necessary documents.

Moreover, if you have a different legal address form your company address or customer-facing address, then you enter in it.


If you have still any problem regarding this topic of How to Set Up Company Information in QuickBooks Online. You can simply call QuickBooks Support Phone Number to get assistance from QuickBooks Experts.

Prachi Tiwari

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